We do not know today’s children are more lucky with computer games and TV shows or not, but we definitely will choose these free games we were played when we were a kid if we were reborn.

The whole new village is our playground with more than 10 kids gathered together whenever a traditional game was played. We are very poor at the time, but playing these games with our peers is a fond and invaluable memory and experience no money can buy.

Let us recall what kampong traditional games played by Malaysian gen-X kids. Many games were creatively created from free and natural resources. Gen-Y kids still play some of them and it’s total strange for gen-Z born after 2000.

As far as we could remembered, we never studied at home after school hours during our primary school. What we were remembered was play and play at all times with our gang.

Some games except bird trapping and outdoor swimming should be introduced to schools and kindergartens.

Game 1: Aeroplane Jumping

Game 2: Hit the can with a slipper

Game 3 : Gasing

Game 4 : Wau

Game 5 : Tarik Upih Pinang

Game 6 : Sepak Raga

Game 7 : Guli (marbles)

Game 8 : Dam Aji

Game 9 : Galah Panjang/Tol

Game 10 : Congkak

Game 11 : Batu Seremban

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